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Pan-European Conference "Sport and Prison"

16-17 June 2014


French National Olympic and Sports Committee

Maison du sport Français
1 avenue de Pierre de Coubertin
75640 Paris cedex 13



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Still moving prison(er)s



In 2015 the non profit organisation De Rode Antraciet celebrated it's 11th birthday.

11 years of sport and culture in the prisons of Flanders and Brussels (#19, Belgium).
To set out their new mission, the organisation launched an animated movie to explain in simple words and images: what they do & why they do it.


The movie is viewable here



After the project 'prisoners on the move' (project funded by the European Commission, education and culture that ended in 2012) and the Pan European Conference (Council of Europe, EPAS, June 2014) the webiste needed an update. A part from the results of the project, the platform will in the future be used to collect and share practices on sport in prison.

De Rode Antraciet will initiate the process, by putting several practices online this summer (2015).

In a short template all the necessary details will be shared for inspiring others.


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